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    Miyanishi Noa events (2001)

    Some of the events that Noa has appeared in during the year 2001 are as follows.

    2001.05.13[14:00] Kome E Jan
    2001.05.20Miyanishi Noa photo session at Shinjuku Gyoen
    2001.05.27[17:00] Idol 109 part III
    2001.06.10[14:00] Kome E Jan
    2001.06.16Miyanishi Noa photo session at Kyoudo no Mori
    2001.06.24[12:30] Idol 109 part III
    2001.07.08[14:00] Kome E Jan
    2001.07.15[14:00] Idol 109 part III
    2001.07.22Miyanishi Noa photo session in Tetsugakudou Kouen
    2001.08.05Seven Power Barbeque and photo session
    2001.08.12[14:00] Kome E Jan "Choubakuretsu Ranman Musume Special"
    2001.08.13Nouryou Beer Tengoku at Yaesufujiya Hotel
    2001.08.14Nouryou Beer Tengoku at Yaesufujiya Hotel
    2001.08.15Nouryou Beer Tengoku at Yaesufujiya Hotel
    2001.08.16Nouryou Beer Tengoku at Yaesufujiya Hotel
    2001.08.17Nouryou Beer Tengoku at Yaesufujiya Hotel
    2001.08.18J League: Verdy vs Reds
    2001.08.19[18:00] Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Final Album Hatsubai Kinen Live
    2001.08.20Nouryou Beer Tengoku at Yaesufujiya Hotel
    2001.08.21Nouryou Beer Tengoku at Yaesufujiya Hotel
    2001.08.22Nouryou Beer Tengoku at Yaesufujiya Hotel
    2001.08.26[13:30] Idol 109 part III
    2001.09.08J League: Verdy vs Jubilo
    2001.09.16[15:00] Idol 109 part III
    2001.09.16[19:00] Girls Vocal Paradise 2
    2001.09.17LaLaLu Unplugged 3 Days
    2001.09.19LaLaLu Unplugged 3 Days
    2001.09.22J League: Verdy vs Avispa
    2001.09.24Miyanishi Noa photo session at Kasai Rinkai Kouen
    2001.10.07LaLaLu 3 Days -Yotsuya de Aimashou-
    2001.10.13J League: Verdy vs Consadole
    2001.10.14[14:00] Kome E Jan -Girls Only-
    2001.10.20J League: Verdy vs San Frecce
    2001.10.21[15:00] Idol 109 part III at M7
    2001.11.03Miyanishi Noa photo session
    2001.11.10J League: Verdy vs Gamba
    2001.11.11[14:00] Kome E Jan
    2001.11.18[15:00] Idol 109 part III
    2001.11.23Tinkerbell Magic Night vol 16
    2001.11.24J League: Verdy vs FC Tokyo
    2001.12.02[11:30] Seven Power Lunch and photo session event
    2001.12.09[14:00] Kome E Jan Christmas Special
    2001.12.16[15:00] Idol 109 part III
    2001.12.16[19:00] Girls Vocal Paradise 4
    2001.12.24[15:30] LaLaLu Christmas Party -Fanclub Only-
    2001.12.24[18:30] LaLaLu Christmas Live
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