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    Terakawa Aimi Internet broadcasts

    Some of the internet that Aimi has appeared in are as follows.

    2015.09.18-BanG Dream Radio [HiBiKi radio]main personality
    2016.04.05-2 nen A gumi Seishun Actibu [recorded]personality
    2016.07.21Bushiroad Senryaku Happyoukai 2016 Natsuemcee
    2017.01.27Let's Weiss Schwarz 1 [live]host
    2017.01.30Bushiroad Senryaku Happyoukai 2017 Fuyuguest
    2017.02.17Let's Weiss Schwarz 2 [live]host
    2017.02.24Bang Dream Girls Band Party Happyoukai [live]host
    2017.03.17Girls Band Party @Circle Housoukyoku 0 [live]host
    2017.03.17Let's Weiss Schwarz 3 [live]host
    2017.04.07Let's Weiss Schwarz 4 [live]host
    2017.04.18Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Festival Chokuzen Specialhost
    2017.05.06Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Festival Bang Dream talk [live]emcee/guest
    2017.05.06Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Festival Hina Logic stage [live]guest
    2017.05.06Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Festival Opening Ceremony [live]guest
    2017.05.07Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Festival Bang Dream Girls Band Party talk [live]guest
    2017.05.26Let's Weiss Schwarz 5 [live]host
    2017.06.09Let's Weiss Schwarz 6 [live]host
    2017.07.07Let's Weiss Schwarz 7 [live]host
    2017.07.28Girls Band Party @Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 4 [live]guest
    2017.08.04Let's Weiss Schwarz 8 [live]host
    2017.09.15Let's Weiss Schwarz 9 [live]host
    2017.09.19Maeshima Ami no KokoKore [live]guest
    2017.10.18Idolmaster Million Live Theater Days niconamapersonality
    2017.10.27Let's Weiss Schwarz 10 [live]host
    2017.10.29Poppin Radio in Osakahost
    2017.11.10Let's Weiss Schwarz 11 [live]host
    2017.12.12Seiyuu Anizatsudan 84guest {Poppin Party}
    2017.12.15Let's Weiss Schwarz 12 [live]host
    2017.12.22Girls Band Party @Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 9 [live]guest
    2017.12.252 Nen A Gumi Seishun Actibu! Aimi Birthday Tokubetsu Namahousouhost
    2018.01.14Poppin Radio in Girlpa Tokyo [live]guest
    2018.01.26Let's Weiss Schwarz 13 [live]host
    2018.02.23Let's Weiss Schwarz 14 [live]host
    2018.03.09Girls Band Party Tokuban -1 Shuunen Chokuzen- [Abema TV]emcee
    2018.03.16Girls Band Party Tokuban -Arigatou Band Katsudou 1 Shuunen- [Abema TV]emcee
    2018.03.23Let's Weiss Schwarz 15 [live]host
    2018.03.24Anime Japan 2018 Bang Dream Girls Band Party Special Stage [live]guest
    2018.04.13Let's Weiss Schwarz 16 [live]host
    2018.04.23Girls Band Party @Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 12 [live]guest
    2018.05.18Let's Weiss Schwarz 17 [live]host
    2018.06.06Let's Weiss Schwarz 18 [live]host
    2018.07.04Bang Dream! Natsu no Daihappyoukaihost
    2018.07.18Let's Weiss Schwarz 19 [live]host
    2018.08.11Bang Dream TV presents Toyama Shimai Special Stage [live]host
    2018.09.10RekuNyan no Game Beya 14host
    2018.09.22TGS2018 Poppin Radio x Radio Shout collaboration stage [live]host
    2018.09.24Gorgeous@Revolution 12guest
    2018.10.15RekuNyan no Game Beya 19host
    2018.10.22RekuNyan no Game Beya 20host
    2018.11.05RekuNyan no Game Beya 22host
    2018.11.19RekuNyan no Game Beya 24host
    2018.11.26RekuNyan no Game Beya 25host
    2018.12.03RekuNyan no Game Beya 26host
    2018.12.17RekuNyan no Game Beya 28host
    2018.12.18Bang Dream 2nd Season Seisaku Happyoukai talk portion [recorded]guest
    2018.12.18Girls Band Party @Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 20 [live]guest
    2018.12.24RekuNyan no Game Beya 29host
    2019.01.04BanG Dream! 2nd Season 1wa Ake Kaikenhost
    2019.01.07RekuNyan no Game Beya 30host
    2019.01.21RekuNyan no Game Beya 32host
    2019.01.28Girls Band Party @Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 21 [live]video
    2019.02.04RekuNyan no Game Beya 33host
    2019.02.18Music Party 7guest
    2019.02.18RekuNyan no Game Beya 35host
    2019.02.25RekuNyan no Game Beya 36host
    2019.03.16Girls Band Party Tokuban -Arigatou Minna no Okage de 2 Shuunen-guest
    2019.05.04Shirokuro Fes 2019 Bang Dream TV Shucchoubanhost
    2019.05.27Gorgeous@Revolution 28video
    2019.06.08Gal Party & Sta -ReLive- Sai 2019 Kaikaishikiguest
    2019.06.08Poppin Radio x Radio Shout Special Collaboration in Gal Party 2019host
    2019.06.09Bang Dream! Girlpa Radio with Afterglow Shucchouban in Gal Party 2019guest
    2019.06.09Gal Party & Sta -ReLive- Sai 2019 Heikaishikiguest
    2019.07.17Bang Dream Natsu no Daihappyoukai 2019guest
    2019.10.17Hibiki Fan Club Namahousouhost
    2019.10.31Bang Dream TV Live Tokubetsubanguest
    2019.11.19Kudo Haru Studio 6guest
    2019.11.28Gurakoro CM Animeka Shishakaiguest
    2019.12.12BanG Dream! 3rd Season Seisaku Happyoukaiguest
    2019.12.12Bang Dream 3rd Season Seisaku Happyoukaiemcee
    2020.01.21Girls Band Party @Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 32 [live]guest
    2020.03.08Bang Dream x Animate World Fair 2020 talk livehost
    2020.03.09Gorgeous@Revolution 47guest
    2020.03.11Hibiki Fan Club Namahousouhost
    2020.03.16Girls Band Party Tokubanhost
    2020.03.21Animelo Summer Live 2020 Dai 1 Dan Happyou Tokubanguest
    2020.05.05Tokyo MX presents Bang Dream 7th Live Joueikai "Jumpin Music"host
    2020.06.13Girls Band Party @Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 36 [live]guest
    2020.07.09Hibiki Fan Club Namahousouhost
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