Where the Foooood 1

title Where the Foooood 1
date 2016.11.22 20:00-22:00
cost free + members only
archive none
hosts Hata Sawako (»)
Takada Yuuki (ͫ)

This was the first broadcast of the new show by Hata Sawako and Takada Yuuki. Both Sawako and Yuuki were wearing aprons and sitting at a table, with a microphone and tablet.

Sawako had her hair in braided twintails, and she was wearing a red apron (hot pink) over a green long sleeve sweater with sunflowers on it. She was also wearing a white frilly skirt.

Yuuki was wearing a yellow apron over a black short sleeve shirt.

At the beginning there was some trouble with the sound. Overall this broadcast had three parts.

part 1

Sawako and Yuuki did some simple self introductions, and then they introduced the program. This program was one where they translated a recipe written in Japanese (not necessarily Japanese food) into English (or another foreign language). Then they retranslated that back into Japanese, for a round-trip tranlastion.
(Japanese -> foreign language -> Japanese)

Sawako and Yuuki were going to cook the dish from that Japanese recipe, without looking at the original recipe.

Before they went to the cooking, they brought a computer to the table, and read some questions from viewers via twitter.

One question was, "what Japanese food do you want to introduce to foreigners?"
Sawako: ikayaki (fried squid)
Yuuki: cup noodle

Yuuki said she has never gone to a foreign country. She wants to go france to see the Eiffel Tower. Then Sawako said that she can experience it with google earth.. But Yuuki said that she wants to take a picture there with herself in it. Then Sawako said she can make one of those photos too..

Yuuki said that she doesn't cook at all right now.
Sawako said she cooks a little.

Then they got ready to start the cooking. They had to decide which one will cook, as the other will read the recipe. They took a survey of the viewers, and the result was that Yuuki would cook.

Then they stopped the broadcast to take a break, as the staff wanted to fix the sound.

The first part was around 20 minutes

part 2

After a break of a few minutes, the broadcast started again. The sound was better than before.

They showed the English translation of the recipe on the screen, and Sawako started reading it.. very slowly. Yuuki said she didn't understand. Sawako said she got the "2nd level" in the English proficiency "eiken" when she was in high school, but since that was 12 years ago, she doesn't remember much.

Then they showed the Japanese retranslastion. It was very bad, almost totally gibberish. Both Sawako and Yuuki laughed at the translation.

Yuuki went to the kitchen area to cook. Sawako stayed at the table and read the recipe to Yuuki. Since the Japanese translation was pretty bad, Yuuki asked Sawako to read the English instead of the Japanese. Sawako noticed that the English said salt and pepper, but there was no mention of salt in the Japanese translation. Yuuki wanted to go along with the English recipe, but Sawako said they should follow the Japanese translation.

While she was cooking, Yuuki said that she never cooks at home, but she used to work at a bento store and she cooked when she was there.

After around 30 minutes of cooking, Yuuki went back to the table. She didn't get much done in this 30 minutes, but this recipe was supposed to be something that can be cooked in 10 minutes! Most of the time was spent talking, as Sawako and Yuuki discussed and tried to make out what the recipe wanted them to do.

They ran out of time for the free broadcast, so they said they would finish the cooking during the members only broadcast. So for the last 5 minutes, they just talked.

Sawako said that the idea for this program was her idea. She didn't think that the recipe would change that much with the round trip translation, but Yuuki said that it was fun. The next time, they said they would translate it to some other foreign language (instead of English).

The second part was around 35 minutes.

part 3

The third part was the members only broadcast.

The broadcast continued with both Sawako and Yuuki at the table. They didn't know what to do next, but Yuuki went back to the kitchen.

Yuuki cut the vegetables.

They got to the second page of the recipe, and Yuuki took a little taste of the sauce, which was red in color. Yuuki said it was a taste that she had never experienced before.

Yuuki continued cooking. Sometimes Sawako would go to the kitchen and check on Yuuki's cooking. She also helped out looking for the ingredients and such.

When they got to the end of the recipe, they didn't know what to do. Sawako went to the kitchen and just mixed the meat and sauces into the vegetables.

Around 20 minutes into the members only broadcast, the dish was complete, so they put it on a plate. They went back to the table, and Yuuki said that it looked like some Chinese dish.

Sawako and Yuuki both ate a little bit, and they both said that it was pretty good.

Then they showed the real recipe. It was "sweet and sour pork". They also showed a photo of the real dish. They said that it looked pretty similar to what they made.

For the last 10 minutes, they just talked.

Sawako also kept eating. She said her body was becoming very hot. Then Yuuki said that it was because she put a lot of pepper (maybe too much).

The members only broadcast was around 40 minutes.

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