Where the Foooood 15

title Where the Foooood 15
date 2017.11.30 21:00- (over 1 hour)
cost free+members only
archive not yet
hosts Hata Sawako (»)
Takada Yuuki (ͫ)

This was the 15th broadcast of the "cooking show" by Sawako and Yuuki.

Sawako was wearing a white sweater with a big wide collar, and her red apron. Her hair was in a pony tail.

They talked about Cocolors. The anime movie will be playing in the theaters next month.

At 21:06 they showed the foreign language recipe. It was Italian.

It was Yuuki's turn to cook, so she went to the kitchen at 21:14.

There was an Italy quiz, and if they answered the questions correctly they would get the original Japanese recipe. They got the first two questions right.

Yuuki was cooking, Sawako was at the PC talking, and then the broadcast ended suddenly at 21:30!

The staff had messed up the initial niconico settings, so they had to start a new broadcast at a different url at around 21:40.

Yuuki finished cooking at around 22:02. Yuuki said that the finished dish was much different from what she was expecting. She let Sawako taste the dish first. Sawako said it was different from anything she ate before, but it was good.

The dish they made was ankake chaahan (fried rice with sauce).

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