Where the Foooood 6

title Where the Foooood 6
date 2017.02.28 20:00- (about 2 hours)
cost members only
archive not yet
hosts Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
Takada Yuuki (高田憂希)

This was the sixth broadcast of the "cooking show" by Sawako and Yuuki, and it was a members only broadcast.

This time they didn't have any background wallpaper, so they said they were back in Japan.

Yuuki did her introduction. Then she asked Sawako to copy it, but Sawako couldn't remember it.

Yuuki had her yellow apron again. Underneath she was wearing a sweater with a big collar and ribbon.

Sawako was wearing her usual red apron over a white shirt. Her hair was tied in the back with a ribbon.

They read some mails and talked.

Someone asked if they started cooking at home because of this program, and they both said no.

Then they showed the list of ingredients and recipe in the foreign language. The language was French.

Sawako used to work in a cake store, so she knows some names of sweets that are in French. But she said the recipe didn't contain any words she knew.

Sawako and Yuuki spent around 10 minutes trying to decipher the Japanese retranslation.

Then they did a janken to decide who would cook. Sawako won, so Yuuki went to cook first.

In the kitchen, Yuuki found lots of ingredients that weren't listed in the translations. Yuuki started off by cutting the vegetables.

While Yuuki was cooking, Sawako acted like a spoiled child. She asked "mom" (Yuuki) when supper would be ready. She said she wanted to eat some snacks before dinner.

After around 10 minutes of cutting the vegetables, Yuuki and Sawako switched. Sawako cooked the egg whites and milk. It started to look like omlettes, but the color was white. Then they were quickly done with the recipe. But Yuuki said that the food they cooked wouldn't have any taste..

Since there was time left over, and lots of ingredients too, Sawako asked Yuuki to make a sauce for the omlettes.

There were a lot of egg yolks left, so Yuuki wanted to make something with that. She added lots of things and tried to make a sauce.

When Yuuki was done, she poured her "sauce" on top of the omlettes. It looked like scrambled eggs on top of omlettes..

Then they went back to the table to eat the dish. Sawako said that it didn't taste good. Yuuki said her sauce wasn't bad. Sawako said it tastes good if she eats the omlettes and sauce separately, but not good together.

Then Sawako got some mayonaise and put it on the omlettes. She said it was very good.

The "answer" for the food was white omlettes. They showed the original Japanese recipe.

sawako feed yuuki

This time the food was something that they didn't know. Yuuki said it was fun to make something from ingredients that were left over.

Then they read some more mails, and talked about the Cocolors Live that they both participated in a couple weeks ago.

They said they haven't set the date for the next broadcast.

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