Where the Foooood 2

title Where the Foooood 2
date 2016.12.23 20:00-22:30
cost free + members only
archive http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1485759262
hosts Hata Sawako (»)
Takada Yuuki (ͫ)

This was the second broadcast of the "cooking show" by Sawako and Yuuki. The size and quality of the video was better than the first broadcast, but they broadcast it with the wrong aspect ratio, 864x570 (3:2) instead of 16:9.

This was a Christmas special, so Sawako and Yuuki were wearing santa hats. There was also some Christmas decorations on the wall behind the girls, and there was a small Christmas tree on the table.

Sawako was wearing a red apron over a striped blouse, and was also wearing a light jacket. Her hair was in twintails, braided.

Yuuki was wearing a yellow apron over a grey shirt.

They started the show by talking about the program, and about the previous broadcast where they made sweet and sour pork.

Yuuki said that she was the one who did the decoration on for the wall, while Sawako was playing a game.. But Sawako said that she decorated the tree.

They didn't know what they were going to cook today, but they thought it might be something related to Christmas. First they showed the foreign language list of ingredients. It was unreadable, as it was in Finnish. Then they showed the Japanese translation.

They said that Finnish was chosen as the language because Santa Claus Village was in Finland.

It was time to start cooking, and Sawako got ready to do janken. But Yuuki said it was Sawako's turn to cook, as she cooked the previous time.

Then they showed more of the Finnish recipe, and the Japanese translation.

At around 20 minutes into the broadcast, Sawako went to the kitchen. Yuuki said she decorated the kitchen too. But there was no mike and they couldn't pick up Sawako's voice. So Sawako returned to the table while the staff was setting up a mike in the kitchen.

Sawako and Yuuki read some mails and talked for a bit. At around 25 minutes into the broadcast, Sawako went back to the kitchen and started preparing the food. Sawako said she would follow Yuuki's instructions (which were very unclear because of the bad translation), but after a while she went off and started cooking on her own.

Around 10 minutes later, Yuuki started playing the guitar.. because the Japanese translation mentioned a guitar. Then Sawako started singing.

After Sawako cut all the ingredients and put them in a pot, they had to let it simmer for 40 minutes. So Sawako returned to the table.

The staff said that there was another dish to cook, but there was only 10 minutes or so left in the free broadcast. So they said they would cook the second dish in the members only broadcast.

Sawako and Yuuki just read mails and talked until the end of the free broadcast, which was around 1 hour total.

members only broadcast

A few seconds after the free broadcast ended, the members only broadcast began.

They got a bigger computer on the table, and read some more mails.

After around 5 minutes, they showed the second recipe. Then Sawako went to cook. Yuuki also went to the kitchen to help out, as there were a lot of vegetables to prepare.

They both cooked (and talked a lot), but didn't follow the directions too much. They just started making potato salad, as they guessed the food from the ingredients.

After around 30 minutes, they realized that they only had 10 minutes left. There was no way that they can finish, but the staff said that they can extend the broadcast. So Sawako and Yuuki concentrated on the cooking.

After another 15 minutes, they finally finished both dishes.

They ate the food, and said that it tasted good.

Then they showed the original Japanese recipe, and compared it to the double translated recipe. Yuuki did most of the talking, while Sawako was eating.

They also showed a photo of the real dishes, and it wasn't that far from what they cooked. The name of the dishes were "chicken simmered in tomato sauce" and "potato salad".

Sawako said that even though the translation was incomprehensible, it was possible to make potato salad, so it might be better to try a dish that they didn't know at all.

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