Where the Foooood 8

title Where the Foooood 8
date 2017.03.31 20:00- (about 2 hours)
cost members only
archive not yet
hosts Hata Sawako (»)
Takada Yuuki (ͫ)

This was the eighth broadcast of the "cooking show" by Sawako and Yuuki, and it was a members only broadcast.

The set (and kitchen) seemed to be different from usual. Both Sawako and Yuuki were wearing new aprons. They both said that they forgot to bring their aprons, so their manager bought it for them (it was 200 yen).

Sawako was wearing a white, long sleeve shirt and yellow skirt. She had a white apron with black semi circle designs. Her hair was in twintails bound at the base and her hair was a little curled.

Before going to the cooking, they talked about the game Blue Reflection, which went on sale the day before. Yuuki said that she got the PS4 game, but doesn't have a PS4 yet.

At the 10 minute mark, they showed the foreign language recipe. It looked a lot like English, but it was Malay.

There were problems with the broadcast, as the video stopped many times during the broadcast.

They showed the Japanese retranslation. But the recipe had five parts that were covered up. These parts will be revealed if they answer the quizes correctly.

At the 30 minute mark, Yuuki went to cook. She did the first line, and it took around 5 minutes. Then Sawako went to cook the next line of the recipe. It seemed like they were cooking some asian dish.

At around 70 minutes, they finished cooking. It was a noodles and vegetables dish.

Then they ate it. It wasn't something that they ate before, but they said it tasted good. The dish was Singapore laksa.

Then they ate and talked about food for around 20 minutes.

Then they read some mails and talked about the Blue Reflection event that they had the previous day.

At the end, they started talking about what they would do if they had an event for this show. Sawako was worried about food safety.. Then they said everyone can bring a cup noodle, and they can just pour hot water.

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