Where the Foooood 17

title Where the Foooood 17
date 2018.02.01 21:00- (over 1 hour)
cost free+members only
archive not yet
hosts Hata Sawako (»)
Takada Yuuki (ͫ)

This was the 17th broadcast of the "cooking show" by Sawako and Yuuki. There was no broadcast in January 2018, but they said there will be two in February.

The video quality wasn't too bad, but the aspect ratio was wrong.

Sawako was wearing a pink sweater with a wide turtle neck collar, and her red apron. Her hair was in braided twintails. There were also some slight curls on the sides.

Yuuki had curly hair with a yellow ribbon in the back. She said she went to get a perm (for the first time).

Yuuki did her "yaruki to genki" self intro. She also came up with a "short version" of this intro.

They showed the foreign language ingredients and recipe. It looked like Greek.

It was Yuuki's turn to cook, so she went to the kitchen.

They had split screens this time, with both aspect ratios wrong.. But there wasn't any mike in the kitchen, so it was hard to hear Yuuki.

There was a quiz again, a Greek quiz.

At around 21:30, Yuuki returned to the table to say bye at the end of the free broadcast.

They had a "second chance" for the quizzes that they got wrong. Sawako spoke in "nyaa nyaa" (cat language) and asked Yuuki a question. Yuuki had to guess what Sawako had asked and answer correctly.

Yuuki finished cooking at around 22:00. She didn't know what she made, but she said she finished. Sawako tried it and said it tasted good.

The dish that Yuuki made was spanish omlettes.

After eating a little bit, Sawako and Yuuki pretended to feed the viewers.

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