Where the Foooood 12

title Where the Foooood 12
date 2017.08.31 21:00- (about 1 hour)
cost free+members only
archive not yet
hosts Hata Sawako (»)
Takada Yuuki (ͫ)

This was the 12th broadcast of the "cooking show" by Sawako and Yuuki.

Sawako was wearing a striped shirt with a cute white collar. She was wearing a yellow skirt and her usual red apron.

Yuuki was wearing a red (orange?) frilly shirt and yellow apron.

After a short talk, they showed the recipe. It was Chinese. Since many of the kanji were the same as Japanese, they had a pretty good idea of what to do.

Today it was Sawako's turn to cook. At 21:10, Sawako went to cook.

Sawako did the cooking while Yuuki sat at the table and talked. At around the 20 minute mark, Sawako finished the first part, which was cutting the ingredients.

At 20:33, before the switch to the members only broadcast, Sawako returned to the table to say bye. Then after the switch, Sawako quickly went back to cook.

At around 20:53, Sawako finished cooking. Sawako brought the food and asked Yuuki to eat it.

A sneaky Sawako had put a lot of spicy seasonings in it.. but Yuuki said that it was good.

The food was mabo nasu (spicy stir fly eggplant).

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