Where the Foooood 4

title Where the Foooood 4
date 2017.01.28 20:00- (about 2 hours)
cost members only
archive http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1485748762
hosts Hata Sawako (»)
Takada Yuuki (ͫ)

This was the fourth broadcast of the "cooking show" by Sawako and Yuuki, and it was a members only broadcast.

They had the same "England" background wallpaper from the previous broadcast.

Sawako was wearing a brown checkered sweater over a white shirt. Her hair was in braided twintails.

Yuuki was wearing a white sweater.

Both Sawako and Yuuki were wearing the same red and yellow aprons as in the previous broadcasts.

They said that there will be a new "mini game" added to the show. If they win at the game, they will get a better retranslation of the Japanese translation to make the recipe easier to understand. But they can only do the mini game 5 times.

Sawako and Yuuki read some mails before going to the cooking. They talked about Cocolors, a silent anime where they perform the voices and music live in front of the audience. They did the event in Tokushima last year, and they will do it again in Tokyo in February.

Then they showed the foreign language recipe. It was translated to Chinese. They tried to make it out by reading the kanji.

Then they showed the Japanese translation. There were some funny translations that were incomprehensible.

Sawako said that Yuuki had to cook, but Yuuki pointed out that she cooked last time.

Sawako chose to do a quiz. It was an anime related question that was easy for Sawako. So they got a retranslation of the first line of the recipe.

Sawako went to the kitchen and started cooking.

When she finished with the first line of the recipe, she returned to the table to play the game again. This time it was "do a monomane" (imitation). Yuuki did an imitation of an old woman from Kansai, and it was rated by the viewers. The viewers gave a 65% approval, but it wasn't good enough to clear the game. So they couldn't get a retranslation.

This time Yuuki went to cook. Sawako tried to decode the recipe, but they didn't know for sure what to do.

When Yuuki finished the second line of the recipe, she returned to play the game again. They cleared the challenge this time, so they got a good retranslation. But it was the line that Yuuki had just cooked (the second line), so they decided to play the game again.

They failed at the next quiz, so they went on to play the 5th and last game. This time Yuuki had to stack 30 coins in 5 minutes. It wasn't very hard, so they got a retranslation of the third line.

Sawako went to cook. Yuuki tried to do an imitation of Sawako, but it wasn't very good. Then Sawako said she can do an imitation of Yuuki's Mausu Doubutsuen dance, and danced while cooking.

For the final line of the recipe, they couldn't make sense of the line, so Sawako and Yuuki just cooked as they thought, and finished the cooking together.

At around 1 hour 20 minutes into the broadcast, they finished. The dish that they made was mapo tofu. They ate it, and said it was very good. But they wanted some rice to eat along with it. Sawako was surprised that it was so easy to make.

Then they showed the original recipe, and compared it to the double translation.

The was a lot of time left over, so they just read mails and talked.

There was a mail suggesting that they design a logo for this program, and put it on their aprons. Then they got some mini whiteboards and started designing a logo.

Sawako's drawing was very good.

Then they read some more mails until the end.

Sawako said that doesn't like potatos that much. She likes french fries, but doesnt like potatoes when they are as is, such as niku jaga and potatos in curry.

The entire broadcast was around 2 hours.

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