Takagaki Ayahi CDs (singles)

Ayahi appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

2008.04.09Da Capo II Character Song Vol 6 (LACM-4475)Song
2008.07.16Special Gyutto Good Luck! (PCCG-70027)Song
2009.04.22Future Stream [Sphere] (LASM-34001)Song
2009.06.03dear-dear DREAM (LACM-4619)Song
2009.07.08Phantom Inspired Ein (LASM-4008)Song/Talk
2009.07.29Super Noisy Nova [Sphere] (LASM-34017)Song
2009.10.07China Kibun de High Tension! (LACM-4643)Song
2009.10.21Gundam 00 Voice Actor Single Feldt Grace (VTCL-35059)Song
2009.11.18Charge! (AVCA-29412)Song
2009.11.18Tech=nology (AVCA-29411)Song
2009.11.25Kaze wo Atsumete [Sphere] (LASM-34030)Song
2010.01.27Aozora Triangle (KICM-3201)Song
2010.04.21Realove:Realife [Sphere] (LASM-34051)Song
2010.07.21Kimi ga Iru Basho (SMCL-198)Song
2010.07.28Now Loading...SKY [Sphere] (LASM-34060)Song
2010.08.11Mittsu Kazoete Daishuugou! (LASM-4058)Song
2010.08.25Mitsudomoe Character Song 1 Mitsuba (LASM-4067)Song
2010.09.22Masaka Sanransei!? (LASM-4070)Song
2010.10.20Moon Signal [Sphere] (LASM-34080)Song
2010.10.27Mitsudomoe Character Song 4 Sugisaki (LASM-4083)Song
2010.11.17Hikari no Filament (SMCL-222)Song
2011.01.26Waga Naha Shougakusei (LASM-4092)Song
2011.05.11Hazy [Sphere] (LASM-34095)Song
2011.07.27Let Me Do! [Sphere] (LASM-34105)Song
2011.10.26High Powered [Sphere] (LASM-34114)Song
2012.02.08Meteor Light (SMCL-257)Song
2012.03.28Makyuu Ichiibal (KICM-3245)Song
2012.04.25Non Stop Road Natsuiro-ban [Sphere] (LASM-34136)Song
2012.04.25Non Stop Road [Sphere] (LASM-34134)Song
2012.06.13Tsuki no Namida (SMCL-270)Song
2012.08.08Shiokaze no Harmony (LACM-4964)Song
2012.11.07Pride on Everyday [Sphere] (LASM-34150)Song
2013.05.01Genesis Aria [Sphere] (LASM-34155)Song
2013.08.14Next Destination (SMCL-303)Song
2013.08.14Next Destination [anime ban] (SMCL-306)Song
2013.08.28Kami Nomi Chara CD.10 Goidou Yui (GNCA-0293)Song
2013.09.04Symphogear G Character Song 6 (KICM-3262)Song
2013.11.27Sticking Places [Sphere] (LASM-34157)Song
2015.02.11Jounetsu Continue [Sphere] (LASM-34171)Song
2015.08.19Symphogear GX Character Song 4 (KICM-3297)Song
2015.10.14Dreams Countdown [Sphere] (LASM-34176)Song
2016.04.20Ippun Ichibyou Kimi to Boku no [Sphere] (SMCL-426)Song
2016.11.16My Only Place [Sphere] (LASM-34182)Song
2017.07.26Symphogear AXZ Character Song 4 (KICM-3325)Song
2017.11.08Heart to Heart [Sphere] (LASM-34183)Song
2019.07.31Symphogear XV Character Song 4 (KICM-3359)Song
2019.08.21Lasting Song (SMCL-612)Song
2021.02.17The Last Chance (SMCL-659)Song

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