Aida Rikako CDs

Some of the CDs that Rikako has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Rikako has released the following solo CDs.

2019.06.19Principal (AZCS-1081)Song
2019.06.19Principal [CD+DVD] (AZZS-88)Song
2020.09.19Sakurauchi Riko First Solo Concert Album (LACA-9762)Song
2021.02.24Fiction (AZCS-1097)Song
2021.02.24Fiction [CD+DVD] (AZZS-113)Song
2021.09.19Sakurauchi Riko Second Solo Concert Album (LACA-9833)Song
2022.08.09Nostalgia (AZCS-1107)Song
2022.09.19Sakurauchi Riko Third Solo Concert Album (LACA-9922)Song
2023.09.13Act2 (AZCS-1119)Song

Miscellaneous CDs

Rikako appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

2015.10.07Kimi no Kokoro ha Kagayaiterukai? (LACM-14400)Song/Talk
2016.04.27Koi ni Naritai Aquarium (LACM-14470)Song/Talk
2017.06.30Landing Action Yeah! (LACM-14600)Song
2018.11.16Thank You Friends! Solo Concert (LACZ-10012)Song
2020.12.09Love Live Sunshine Duo Trio Collection CD Vol.2 Winter Vacation (LACM-24030)Song
2021.06.30Aqours Club CD Set 2021 (LACM-24130)Song
2021.07.28Love Live Sunshine! Guilty Kiss 1st Full Album (LACA-15883)Song
2022.06.30Yume to Mirai de Mugendai (LACM-24280)Song
2023.02.15The Blue Swell (LACA-25010)Song

CD Singles

Rikako appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

2016.05.11Genki Zenkai Day! Day! Day! [CYaRon] (LACM-14481)Talk
2016.06.08Strawberry Trapper [Guilty Kiss] (LACM-14483)Song/Talk
2016.07.20Aozora Jumping Heart (LACM-14500)Song
2016.08.03Kimetayo Hand in Hand (LACM-14521)Song
2016.08.24Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou (LACM-14540)Song
2016.09.14Yume de Yozora wo Terashitai (LACM-14522)Song
2016.11.09Omoiyo Hitotsu ni nare (LACM-14523)Song
2016.11.23Jingle Bell ga Tomaranai (LACM-14560)Song/Talk
2017.04.05Happy Party Train (LACM-14591)Song
2017.06.21Kowareyasuki (LACM-14603)Song
2017.08.02Summer Vacation (LACM-14630)Song
2017.10.25Mirai no Bokura ha Shitteruyo (LACM-14680)Song
2017.11.15Yuuki ha Dokoni? Kimi no Mune ni! (LACM-14681)Song
2017.11.29My Mai Tonight (LACM-14691)Song
2017.12.20Awaken the Power (LACM-14692)Song/Talk
2018.08.01Thank You Friends (LACM-14800)Song/Talk
2018.11.24Marine Border Parasol (LACZ-10009)Song
2019.01.23Bokura no Hashittekita Michiha (LACM-14831)Song
2019.09.25Mitaiken Horizon (LACM-14880)Song/Talk
2019.10.30Kokoro Magic "A to Z" (LACM-14930)Song
2019.11.13For... (AZCS-2078)Song
2019.11.13For... [CD+DVD] (AZZS-97)Song
2019.11.20Up-Date x Please! Ver 1.7.8 (EYCA-12791)Song
2019.11.20Up-Date x Please! Ver 2.6.9 (EYCA-12792)Song
2019.11.20Up-Date x Please! Ver 3.4.5 (EYCA-12793)Song
2020.03.31Curtain Raise [type A] (AZZS-102)Song
2020.03.31Curtain Raise [type B] (AZZS-103)Song
2020.07.22Fantastic Departure (LACM-14990)Song/Talk
2021.03.31Smile Smile Ship Start! [CD+BD] (LACM-24090)Song/Talk
2021.03.31Smile Smile Ship Start! [CD+DVD] (LACM-24091)Song/Talk
2021.09.22Ku-ru-ku-ru Cruller [CD+BD] (LACM-24170)Song/Talk
2021.11.03Live with a Smile! (LACM-24180)Song
2021.11.24High Tide Girl (LACM-24209)Song
2021.11.24Miracle Stay Tune (LACM-24201)Song
2021.11.24Not Alone Not Hitori (LACM-24200)Song
2021.11.24Shooting Voice (LACM-24202)Song
2023.07.26Genjitsu Mysterium (LACM-24440)Song
2023.08.02Kimi no Tame Boku no Tame (LACM-24441)Song
2023.09.27Girls (LACM-24446)Song
2023.09.27Wonder Sea Breeze (LACM-24447)Song
2023.10.11Forever U and I (LACM-24448)Song
2023.10.11La La Yuuki no Uta (LACM-24449)Song

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