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    Hirano Aya CDs (singles)

    Aya appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    2005.10.21Itsudatte My Santa! Character Song 1 (YFCM-2701)Song
    2006.03.08Break Through (LACM-4251)Song
    2006.04.26Bouken desho desho? (LACM-4255)Song
    2006.05.10Hare Hare Yukai (LACM-4261)Song
    2006.06.21Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsumeawase (LACM-4268)Song
    2006.07.05Character Song vol. 1 Haruhi Suzumiya (LACM-4269)Song
    2006.09.06Ashita no Prism (LACM-4292)Song
    2006.10.25Uchuu de Koi ha Rurun Rune (LACM-4300)Song
    2006.11.22Saikyou Pare Parade (LACM-4316)Song
    2006.12.21Manabi Straight Character Mini Album Etou Mei (KICA-802)Song
    2007.05.23Motteke! Sailor Fuku (LACM-4362)Song
    2007.08.29Kosutte! Oh My Honey (LACM-4398)Song
    2007.09.05Lucky Star Character Song vol 001 (LACM-4404)Song
    2007.10.10Love Gun (LACM-4417)Song
    2007.10.10Manabi Straight VII DVD+CD (KIBA-91393)Song
    2007.10.31Lucky Star Character Song vol 010 (LACM-4425)Song
    2007.11.07Neophilia (LACM-4430)Song
    2007.12.05MonStAR (LACM-4436)Song
    2008.03.05Hamatte Sabotte Oh My God! (LACM-4465)Song
    2008.04.23Unnamed World (LACM-4485)Song
    2008.05.28Zettai Love x Love Sengen! (GNCA-0105)Song
    2008.07.23Zettai Karen Children Character CD 1st Session (GNCA-0091)Song
    2008.07.23Zettai Karen Children Character CD 4th Session (GNCA-0094)Talk
    2008.09.24Datte Daihonmei (GNCA-0106)Song
    2008.09.24Memories Off 6 Personal Collection 2 (FVCG-1052)Song
    2008.10.08Namida Namida Namida (LACM-4531)Song
    2008.12.25Nagase Minato (LACM-4548)Song
    2009.02.25Soushunfu (GNCA-0108)Song
    2009.04.01White Album Character Song 1 Morikawa Yuki (KICM-3188)Song
    2009.04.22Imamade no Arasuji (LACM-4610)Song
    2009.04.22Omoide to Yakusoku (ZMCZ-4612)Song
    2009.04.22Set Me Free (LACM-34609)Song
    2009.06.24Kono Sumochi kara no Sotsugyou (LCM-4624)Guest
    2009.07.22Super Driver (LACM-4631)Song
    2009.08.25Queen's Blade Character Song Nanael (ZMCZ-4623)Song/Talk
    2009.08.26Tomare! (LACM-4640)Song
    2009.09.30New Character Song Vol.1 Suzumiya Haruhi (LACM-4650)Song
    2009.10.28Elec Trick (AVCA-29378)Song
    2010.01.01Koiiro Sora (KICM-3196)Song
    2010.01.27Na-Ri-A-Ga-Ri (LACM-4688)Song
    2010.02.10Passionate Squall (LACM-4685)Song
    2010.05.12Wishes Hypocrites (LACM-4718)Song
    2010.06.23Hysteric Barbie (LACM-34700)Song
    2010.07.28Seventh Heaven (GNCA-0199)Song
    2010.08.18Sparky Start (PCCG-70067)Song
    2011.07.27Orange Smile (PCCG-70117)Song
    2011.10.26Departure (PCCG-70118)Song
    2013.02.20TOxxxIC (UMCK-9613)Song
    2013.10.09Promise (UMCK-9633)Song
    2015.04.29Fure Fure Mirai (LACM-14342)Song
    2015.07.22Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Character Song Case 5 (LACM-14355)Song
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