Ogura Yui CDs

Some of the CDs that Yui has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Yui has released the following solo CDs.

2015.03.25Strawberry Jam (KICS-3174)Song
2015.03.25Strawberry Jam [CD+BD] (KIZC-276)Song
2015.03.25Strawberry Jam [CD+DVD] (KIZC-278)Song
2017.07.26Cherry Passport (KICS-3496)Song
2019.02.20Hop Step Apple (KIZC-504)Song
2022.02.16Tarte (KICS-4040)Song
2022.02.16Tarte [CD+BD] (KIZC-657)Song
2022.02.16Tarte [CD+DVD] (KIZC-660)Song

Miscellaneous CDs

CD Singles

Yui appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

2010.05.12Our Steady Boy (KIZM-49)Song
2010.07.21Futari (KIZM-61)Song
2011.08.17Shoot! (WB-1000232057)Song
2011.09.07Kami-sama no Memocho Character File Vol.1 Alice (LASM-4111)Song
2011.09.14Tomodachi Pink (WB-1000232059)Song/Talk
2012.02.08Study x Study [StylipS] (LACM-34905)Song
2012.05.16Miracle Rush [StylipS] (LACM-34920)Song
2012.07.18Raise (KICM-91397)Song
2012.08.22Choose Me Darling [StylipS] (LACM-34974)Song
2012.09.19Oda Nobuna no Yabou Utahime 04 (PCCG-70154)Song
2013.03.13Shiny Blue (KICM-91438)Song
2013.05.08Baby Sweet Berry Love (KICM-91442)Song
2013.07.10Get Goal (WB-1000412330)Song
2013.08.14RouKyuuBu! SS Character Songs 05 (WB-1000412332)Song/Talk
2013.11.27Maware! Setsugekka (ZMCZ-8910)Song
2014.01.29Charming Do! (KICM-91493)Song
2014.02.12Binkan Attention (LACM-14175)Song
2014.04.09Lucky Ducky! (KICM-91512)Song
2014.07.02Intro Situation (KICM-91523)Song
2014.08.13Tinkling Smile (KICM-91526)Song
2015.01.07Neo Signalife (KICM-91564)Song
2015.08.05Ring Ring Rainbow (KICM-1606)Song
2015.08.05Ring Ring Rainbow [CD+DVD] (KICM-91605)Song
2015.08.12Honey Come (KICM-1608)Song
2015.08.12Honey Come [CD+DVD] (KICM-91607)Song
2016.05.18High Touch Memory (KICM-1668)Song
2016.05.18High Touch Memory (KICM-91667)Song
2016.08.10Promise You!! (KICM-1698)Song
2016.08.10Promise You!! (KICM-91697)Song
2016.11.02Future Strike (KICM-91724)Song
2017.05.07ViVid Strike! Summer Time Vacance Songs (NMAX-1280)Song
2017.05.10A E I U E O AO! (ZMCZ-11128)Song
2017.05.10Curtain Call! (ZMCZ-11129)Song
2018.03.14Shiroku Saku Hana (KICM-91834)Song
2018.07.25Eien Shounen [CD+DVD] (KICM-91856)Song
2018.07.25Onegai Marguerite (KICM-3345)Song
2018.08.08Poppin Rain (KICM-3347)Song
2018.08.08Shining Peace (KICM-3343)Song
2018.09.26Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Character Song 05 (COCC-17365)Song
2019.10.30Destiny (KICM-1988)Song
2019.12.25Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Character Song 12 (COCC-17672)Song/Talk
2020.02.12I Love You (KICM-92030)Song
2020.06.10Happiness Sensation (KICM-2049)Song
2021.03.31Clear Morning (KICM-2078)Song
2021.06.23Idol Shineitai (BRMM-10403)Song
2021.08.11Fightin Pose (KICM-2096)Song
2022.09.28Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Character Song 29 (COCC-17899)Song
2023.04.19Himitsu Melody (COZC-1994)Song
2023.11.22Empty // Princess (COZC-2057)Song

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