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Mimori Suzuko CDs

Some of the CDs that Suzuko has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Suzuko has released the following solo CDs.

2015.04.08Fantastic Funfair (PCCG-1467)Song
2019.02.20Holiday Mode (PCCG-1737)Song

Miscellaneous CDs

Suzuko appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

2010.08.13Bokura no Live Kimi to no Life (LZM-2027)Song/Talk
2010.12.22Milky Show Time (LACA-15083)Song
2010.12.22Snow Halation (LACM-4774)Song/Talk
2011.04.06Colourful Garden (LACA-15110)Song
2011.08.24Natsu Iro Egao de 1 2 Jump! (LACM-4845)Song/Talk
2011.08.24To-gather (LACA-15139)Song
2011.09.21Yuru Yuri bluray vol.1 Special Sound CD (PCXG-50121)Song
2012.01.18Yuru Yuri bluray vol.5 Special Sound CD (PCXG-50125)Song
2012.02.15Yuru Yuri bluray vol.6 Special Sound CD (PCXG-50126)Song/Talk
2012.05.09Bloooom! (LACA-15197)Song
2012.09.05Rinne no Lagrange 2 Character CD Vol.1 (VTCL-60317)Talk
2013.01.09Muse Best Album (LACA-39262)Song
2013.03.06Card Fight Vanguard Best Album (LACA-15275)Song {Milky Holmes}
2013.04.10Notes of School Idol Days (LACA-9281)Song
2013.12.11Outbreak Company Character Song Mini Album (PCCG-1377)Song
2014.01.29Infinite Stratos Original Drama Series Vol.6 (LALA-5008)Song/Talk
2014.10.01Momokyun Sword Vocal Album (VTCL-60380)Song
2016.06.08Infinite Stratos Complete Album (LALA-5011)Song
2017.03.29Digimon Adventure tri Character Song "Erabareshi Kodomotachi hen" (NECA-30338)Song
2018.11.23Kaijuu Girls Best Songs Character Song Best (BRCG-0064)Song
2021.07.21Yuru Yuri Gorakubu Best Album Special Edition Canime Genteiban (SCCG-0076)Song

CD Singles

Suzuko appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

2010.06.23Ameagari no Mirai (LACM-4724)Song
2010.10.27Seikai ha Hitotsu! Janai! (LACM-4754)Song
2011.05.25Love Marginal [Printemps] (LACM-4812)Talk
2011.06.22Diamond Princess no Yuuutsu [BiBi] (LACM-4816)Talk
2011.07.27Gyutto Baby Ai Nanda Baby (LACM-4817)Song
2011.07.27Shiranai Love Oshiete Love [Lily White] (LACM-4832)Song/Talk
2011.09.10Futari ha Tomodachi (LZM-2047)Song
2011.09.21Day by Day (PCCG-70126)Song
2012.01.25Nazo Nazo Happiness (LACM-4895)Song
2012.02.15Mogyutto Love de Sekkinchuu (LACM-4907)Song
2012.02.20Endless Fighter (PCCG-90095)Song
2012.02.22Nakimushi Treasures (LACM-4909)Song
2012.05.30Koi no Double Punch HimaSaku Ban (PCCG-70130)Song
2012.05.30Koi no Double Punch SakuHima Ban (PCCG-01276)Song
2012.06.29Shiny Steps (CIRCUS-0303)Song
2012.07.25Love Live! Duo Single 4 Soldier Game (LACM-4961)Song/Talk
2012.08.29Prologue ha Ashitairo (LACM-4985)song
2012.09.05Wonderful Rush (LACM-4979)Song
2012.09.19Oda Nobuna no Yabou Utahime 05 (PCCG-70155)Song
2012.09.19Yuru Yuri!! Music 08 (PCCG-70148)Song
2012.10.24Kimi no Naka no Watashi (LACM-14014)Song
2013.01.23Bokura ha Ima no Naka de (LACM-14053)Song
2013.02.06Kitto Seishunga Kikoeru (LACM-14054)Song
2013.02.20Susume Tomorrow (LACM-14055)Song
2013.03.06Korekara no Someday (LACM-14064)Song
2013.04.03Aitaiyo Aitaiyo! (PCCG-1342)Song
2013.04.03No Brand Girls (LACM-14069)Song
2013.05.24Yume Yume Express (PCCG-90101)Song
2013.06.26Binetsu kara Mystery [Lily White] (LACM-14101)Song/Talk
2013.07.03Yakusoku Shiteyo? Isshodayo! (PCCG-1357)Song
2013.07.25Cutie Panther [BiBi] (LACM-14102)Talk
2013.08.21Pure Girls Project [Printemps] (LACM-14103)Talk
2013.09.04Glory Growing Days (PCCG-90104)Song
2013.10.23Univerpage (PCCG-1371)Song
2013.11.27Music S.T.A.R.T (LACM-14156)Song/Talk
2014.01.29Takaramonozu (LACM-14181)Song
2014.04.23Sore ha Bokutachi no Kiseki (LACM-14220)Song
2014.04.30Bouken Milkyroad! (PCCG-90123)Song
2014.05.08Donna tokimo Zutto (LACM-14230)Song
2014.05.28Yume no Tobira (LACM-14241)Song
2014.06.11Love Wing Bell (LACM-14242)Song
2014.07.09Kira-Kira Sensation (LACM-14243)Song
2014.08.20Ready Go!! (VTZL-86)Song
2014.10.01Shangri-La Shower (LACM-14260)Song
2014.11.12Eien Friends [Printemps] (LACM-14291)Talk
2014.11.19Aurora Days (PCCG-70232)Song
2014.11.26Aki no Anata no Sora Tooku [Lily White] (LACM-14292)Song/Talk
2014.11.26Overdrive! (PCCG-90134)Song
2014.12.24Fuyu ga kureta Yokan [BiBi] (LACM-14293)Talk
2015.07.01Angelic Angel (LACM-14361)Song
2015.07.08Sunny Day Song (LACM-14362)Song
2015.07.15Bokutachi ha Hitotsu no Hikari (LACM-14363)Song
2015.10.21Light for Knight (PCCG-1491)Song
2015.10.28Heart to Heart (LACM-14412)Song
2015.12.09Happy Happy Christmas (SCCG-00007)Song
2015.12.23Omoide Ijou ni Naritakete [Lily White] (LACM-14414)Song
2016.03.02Moment Ring (LACM-14449)Song
2016.05.25Xenotopia (PCCG-1521)Song
2017.10.11Egao no Kimi he (PCCG-70406)Song
2017.12.06Hanakotoba (PCCG-70408)Song
2018.07.18Hoshi no Dialogue (PCCG-70432)Song
2018.11.21Don't Be Afraid [CD+BD] (BRMM-10136)Song
2019.08.07Star Diamond (PCCG-1788)Song
2020.03.25A Song for You! You? You!! [CD+BD] (LACM-14950)Song
2020.03.25A Song for You! You? You!! [CD+DVD] (LACM-14951)Song
2021.06.30Watashitachi ha Mou Butai no Ue (PCCG-2035)Song

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