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    Toyosaki Aki CDs (single)

    Aki appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    2009.04.22Cagayake! Girls (PCCG-70036)Song
    2009.04.22Don't Say Lazy (PCCG-70038)Song
    2009.04.22Future Stream [Sphere] (LASM-34001)Song
    2009.05.20Fuwa Fuwa Time (PCCG-70040)Song
    2009.06.03dear-dear DREAM (LACM-4619)Background Vocals
    2009.06.17K-ON! character image song series Akiyama Mio (PCCG-00982)Background Vocals
    2009.06.17K-ON! character image song series Hirasawa Yui (PCCG-00981)Song
    2009.07.23Hatsukoi Limited Character File Vol.3 (LHCM-1061)Song
    2009.07.29Super Noisy Nova [Sphere] (LASM-34017)Song
    2009.08.05Kimi he to Tsunagu Kokoro (KICM-1286)Song
    2009.08.26K-ON! character image song series Azusa Nakano (PCCG-00985)Background Vocals
    2009.08.26K-ON! character image song series Ritsu Tainaka (PCCG-00983)Background Vocals
    2009.08.26K-ON! character image song series Tsumugi Kotobuki (PCCG-00984)Background Vocals
    2009.10.28Love Your Life (SMCL-178)Song
    2009.11.18Miracle Happy Day (COCC-16318)Song
    2009.11.25Kaze wo Atsumete [Sphere] (LASM-34030)Song
    2010.02.10Passionate Squall (LACM-4685)Song
    2010.04.21Realove:Realife [Sphere] (LASM-34051)Song
    2010.04.28Go! Go! Maniac (PCCG-70071)Song
    2010.04.28Listen! (PCCG-70073)Song
    2010.05.12Wishes Hypocrites (LACM-4718)Song
    2010.05.26Boku wo Sagashite (SMCL-192)Song
    2010.06.02Pure Pure Heart (PCCG-70075)Song
    2010.07.28Now Loading...SKY [Sphere] (LASM-34060)Song
    2010.08.04No Thank You! (PCCG-70079)Song
    2010.08.04Utauyo! Miracle (PCCG-70077)Song
    2010.09.08Gohan ha Okazu (PCCG-70081)Song
    2010.09.21K-ON!! Character Image Song Mio Akiyama (PCCG-01066)Background vocals
    2010.09.21K-ON!! Character Image Song Yui Hirasawa (PCCG-01065)Song
    2010.10.20Moon Signal [Sphere] (LASM-34080)Song
    2010.11.10Dill (SMCL-219)Song
    2010.11.17K-ON!! Character Image Song Azusa Nakano (PCCG-01069)Background vocals
    2010.11.17K-ON!! Character Image Song Ritsu Tainaka (PCCG-01067)Background vocals
    2010.11.17K-ON!! Character Image Song Tsumugi Kotobuki (PCCG-01068)Background vocals
    2010.11.24Hatsukoi Gentouki (LASM-4085)Song
    2010.12.22Motto To Love Ru Character CD 03 (GNCA-0223)Song
    2011.04.13Shun Pu (SMCL-232)Song
    2011.05.11Hazy [Sphere] (LASM-34095)Song
    2011.05.25Ai no Yokan (GNCA-0194)Song
    2011.06.22Kami Nomi Chara CD.7 Jun Nagase (GNCA-0208)Song
    2011.07.27Let Me Do! [Sphere] (LASM-34105)Song
    2011.08.10Nekogami Yaoyorozu Character Song Vol.2 (LASM-4109)Song
    2011.10.05Anata no Shiawase Uchi no Shiawase (PCCG-70128)Song
    2011.10.26High Powered [Sphere] (LASM-34114)Song
    2011.11.23Diamond (LACM-4856)Song
    2011.12.07Singing (PCCG-70084)Song
    2011.12.07Unmei ha Endless (PCCG-70082)Song
    2012.01.25Music (SMCL-254)Song
    2012.04.25Non Stop Road Natsuiro-ban [Sphere] (LASM-34136)Song
    2012.04.25Non Stop Road [Sphere] (LASM-34134)Song
    2012.05.09Ohanabatake ni Tsuretette (LACM-4927)Song
    2012.05.23Shirotsumekusa (SMCL-266)Song
    2012.08.29Yuru Yuri!! Music 06 (PCCG-70146)Song
    2012.10.24Koi-Ken Music Box (LACA-15241)Song
    2012.11.07Pride on Everyday [Sphere] (LASM-34150)Song
    2012.12.05To LoveRu Darkness Character CD Momo Belia Deviluke (GNCA-262)Song
    2012.12.19Orion to Spangle (SMCL-285)Song
    2013.05.01Genesis Aria [Sphere] (LASM-34155)Song
    2013.05.22Flip Flop (SMCL-294)Song
    2013.08.28Cheeky (SMCL-307)Song
    2013.11.27Sticking Places [Sphere] (LASM-34157)Song
    2016.04.20Ippun Ichibyou Kimi to Boku no [Sphere] (SMCL-426)Song
    2016.11.16My Only Place [Sphere] (LASM-34182)Song
    2017.11.08Heart to Heart [Sphere] (LASM-34183)Song

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